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Tom Robinson - BBC6 music

“How lovely – nearly 60 years on from the birth of rock’n’roll – to hear a track that’s not quite like anything one has heard before. Oddly accessible and charmingly eccentric”

Lauren Laverne – BBC 6 music

“New artist to look out for.. ‘That’s Carpool Conversation

GoldenPlec review

“Comprised of a flavour of Irish, English and Polish, the end result is both haunting and attractive as each song is dripping with ambiguity. Their lyrics are laced with sex, religion, and danger with the African Queen in question presiding over the whole lot, as lead singer O Reilly sings “as a demon and a Goddess she’s well-rehearsed.”

Right Chord - music band of the week

“Unorthodox? Yes. Musically brave? Most definitely! There are many other adjectives one could use to describe the sound of London-based three-piece, Carpool Conversation. From psych groove to indie, punk to alternative rock, the listener is constantly left guessing, with upbeat, jiving guitars, and drums that have a mind of their own. From the unique vocals, to modern scat-instrumentals, the eccentricity of this music keeps the listener intrigued throughout, Carpool Conversation certainty do not play safe. Truly deserving of the description ‘diverse,’ Carpool Conversation lack the usual signs of mainstream conformity. As a band, they do not attempt to fit in where they do not belong. Instead, they create a musical home of their own. If you have been searching for the next musical bombshell, you may have just found it.”



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